• In Levis, we roast the coffee beans with our very own formula. Roasting emulsifies and caramelizes the sugars inside the coffee beans, drawing the sugars out as coffee oils onto the surface of the beans. The oils are what give coffee beans their shine, while the roasting itself is what gives coffee its intensity of flavor and more robust body.

  • Dec 201403

    Levis Coffee

    Levis aspire to improve the overall quality of coffee to the highest of world standards. So take a sip of a cup of freshly brewed Levis Coffee and experience the rich aroma and flavorful taste that makes Levis Coffee highly valuedable.

  • Oct 201429

    Levis Coffee Farm

    As coffee growers, we devote ourselves to the sustainable and high quality production of a truly distinctive and tantalizing coffee.

  • Vietnamese Style

    02 Sept 2014

    Vietnamese style coffee has characteristics that distinguish it from other coffees and brewing methods. Typically, the coffee is prepared in single servings, in single-cup filter/brewers known as phin. The coffee is served tableside while it is still brewing. Sweetened condensed milk is used rather than fresh milk was first due to its availability and easier storage in a tropical climate. The coffee may also be brewed onto ice for cafe da, or when had with condensed milk cafe sua da.

  • Our Growth Story

    02 Dec 2011

    As a dedicated retailer, we are creating a brand that evokes passion and a memorable experience associated with Levis Coffee.

  • Our Coffee Farm

    02 Dec 2011

    Coffee is Vietnam's key export, generating an income of more than $1.5bn. Levis Coffee Farms is the leading grower and supplier of the finest Robusta coffee beans. Levis Coffee is grown on more than 100 hectar of fertile land located in the famous Lam Dong Province of Vietnam. Superiror quality Levis Coffee Farm is grown in pristine environme in Vietnam.